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What happens during a consultation?

An integrative medicine consultation usually takes place in two appointments, typically scheduled about two weeks apart. During the first appointment, Dr. Kelly will take an in-depth history, reviewing your concerns, your medical history, and additional health information such as your diet, level of activity, sleep patterns, and sources of stress. His goal is to get a comprehensive picture of factors in your life that affect your health and well-being. Our staff will mail you ahead of this visit a detailed assessment questionnaire to complete at home and bring with you to the first consultation appointment. This questionnaire is a key component of this data-gathering step and should be thoughtfully answered at home before you come. You can go through it by yourself, or ask a friend or family member to assist. Depending on your concerns, Dr. Kelly may perform a focused physical exam, order testing, or even provide a gentle treatment of muscle pain or demonstration of simple stress relaxation exercises to practice later at home. This first appointment usually takes an hour. Between the first and second appointment, Dr. Kelly will research the full range of options for you to consider as an integrative approach to your health, based on the results of the initial assessment and your preferences. The second appointment usually takes 45-60 minutes. He will review results of any testing and provide recommendations to you for improving your health. These may include diet changes, exercise, stress relaxation techniques, herbals or supplements, sleep improvement, or consideration of a wide range of other therapies. Dr. Kelly does acupuncture, medical hypnosis, and traditional Chinese herbal therapies himself. Manipulation from Osteopathic physicians is easily available from some of his Center for Family Medicine colleagues. He can advise and refer you to other therapies in the community. Some changes are easy to make and others may be harder. Your efforts can pay off with a huge impact on how you feel and how healthy you are. As you prefer, all the recommendations will be shared with your primary physician. Additional appointments can be made with Dr. Kelly if needed.